martes, 16 de abril de 2013

El alimento hace bien, nuevo EP de BOSQUES x Reverb Worship

Edición limitada de 52 discos, numerados a mano, del sello independiente inglés Reverb Worship
Incluye 2 bonus tracks:
* Libro para salir al día (Flashback), inlcuido en El Fantasma Sagrado EP
* El planeta es una nave, tema inédito, incluido en el triple compilado del sello dinamarqués A Beard of Snails

Palabras de Roger Linney, fundador del sello:

"As always I am highly delighted to announce new music from BOSQUES.I have to declare that they are just about the best band in argentina right now.The association with Reverb Worship continues with the "El Alimento Hace Bien EP", after releasing the bands debut EP , "Pleroma Sum" in 2010, and also their debut album "Eomaia Nam" from 2012. The band have now set up their own label called Pleroma Discos which they will use to release their music back home.BOSQUES have given permission for me to continue to release the bands music here in the UK on Reverb Worship.
"El Alimento Hace Bien" is the bands latest release.It was self produced, recorded and mixed by the band with Francisco Marafioti.The bands own version of the EP (on Pleroma Discos) contains three tracks.The second track is a reworking of "Eomaia" from the bands debut album which is more uptempo and features Andres Bonetto on drums.Track three is the bands cover version of a song by Spiritualized and recorded in january 2012.When we discussed releasing the EP, I suggested to make a few changes for the Reverb Worship version.In the end we agreed that my version of the EP would have two extra tracks.This gives the EP five long tracks and a playing time of almost 35 minutes.The two bonus tracks really are exceptionally cool in their own right.Track four is the bands "flashback" version of "Libro para salir al día" from their Pleroma Sum" debut EP. Track five was recorded in october 2011.
BOSQUES continue to develop as a band and consistently produce music of the highest quality. Hopefully this EP will be followed later this year by the bands second album. "El Alimento Hace Bien" is avialable now in a hand numbered edition of 54 copies.It features cover artwork by the band porinted on semi-gloss photographic paper.

UK = £6.00 / Europe = £7.00 / USA & ROW = £8.50.
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